Where will the Memorial be built?

At the present time we are seeking a location or property that will allow us to build a veterans memorial.

Our own facility was found to have a water table issue at the lower part of our property which would

require substantial financial remediation, so it has become necessary to seek an alternative site.

When will the Memorial be built?

Once we have selected a site, and resolved license and permit issues, the Post will be seeking

In-Kind Contributions from Business' and Companies who can provide labor or materials

to complete the Memorial. 

Who will maintain the Memorial?

The Post will maintain the Memorial.

Who can purchase paving stones?

Any Veteran.

Any Individual wishing to honor a veteran or veterans.
Family or friends of a veteran.

Any Business, Service Club, group and individuals interested in supporting the Veterans Memorial.

(Paving stones purchased by businesses, Service Clubs and non-veteran individuals, 

 will be sand beige in color and placed around the red and grey brick veteran pavers

that will make up the site pad of the Memorial).

What will be the Memorial layout?

New Site drawings will have to be prepared once a site is selected.

The Memorial will have a higher flagpole,

with the American flag and the POW/MIA flag,

and then will have six additional flag poles with the flags of  each branch of service.

Red paving stones & Grey pavers that are 18" X 18" and are for veterans,

will be placed from the American flag in the middle to the point of each service flag in a pathway.

A dedicated area for smaller and larger beige pavers for individuals,

supporters and businesses wil be placed outside the dedicated Veterans Paver area.

What wording can I put on my paving stone?

Most veterans are putting their name, rank, branch of military service, conflict (if any),

and dates served. Some are adding years of service.
Any wording that is not offensive in nature, and honors veterans, will be appropriate.

If you have questions, you may talk to VFW personnel prior to purchasing a paver.

How much do the paving stones cost?

The price for the Veterans Memorial paving stones is:

$100.00 for a red or sand beige paving stone, 4½" X 9", with three lines of twenty letters per line.

$200.00 for a red veterans paving stone, 9" X 9", with six lines of twenty letters per line,

or three lines of twenty letters per line and a military logo.

$250.00 for a beige business or non-veteran paving stone, 9" X 9",

with six lines of twenty letters per line,  or three lines of twenty letters per line

and an appropriate logo (simple business logos are acceptable).

$500.00 for a grey veterans, or sand beige business or non-veteran paving stone, 18" X 18"

with six lines of thirty spaces per line and including a logo.

A sand beige business or non-veteran paving stone,

24" X 24" with six lines of forty letters per line and including a logo, 

is available to honor veterans.

This special stone to honor veterans is available at a price of $1000.00.

Can I donate money to the Memorial?

All donations are appreciated and gratefully accepted. All donations are wholly tax deductible.

You may send contributions to:

Wenatchee Valley VFW Post 3617

 211 - 11th NE

East Wenatchee, WA 98802

We have a PayPal account established and you may click on the DONATE button BELOW

to make a contribution.
You may specifically designate your contribution to the Veterans Memorial.

Where does the money go until construction begins on the Veterans Memorial?

All funds received for the Veterans Memorial are placed in a trust account

held by the V.F.W. for the express use of the Veterans Memorial.

We would be happy to work with any individual,

group, or business to help raise Veteran Awareness,

and will offer our assistance

in helping to achieve recognition for all veterans.

Questions regarding the Veterans Memorial can be directed to V.F.W. Post 3617

at 509-884-3617

or by Email at: