The Significance of Music in Conflicts & Wars 


War is a most difficult times for countries, and more significantly, for its citizens and its soldiers. 

History has shown that music has been used to help soldiers cope with stress,

trauma and the other issues suffered and brought on by armed conflict. 

Music during conflict has been used for thousands of years with many varied instruments and tools.

In Biblical times there are numerous references to music being used

by soldiers to help them win important battles.

It has been said that the ancient Greeks were led by flute players in order to lift up their armies

George Washington used music as a way to keep his troops in check during the Revolutionary War.

Music also became a means to remind both the public and the soldiers what they were fighting for.   

The use of music changed dramatically during World War II from previous wars.

Music was used for the first time as propaganda, not just as entertainment.

Music was also used in factories, hospitals, and even in the streets

to help lift the morale of citizens and soldiers alike.


Classical, Folk, Jazz and other music gave way to Rock and Roll,

as well as Anti-War Protest Songs.

These protest songs, were widely used during the Vietnam War

and were seen as words of encouragement, and to strengthen the resolve of resistance.

Songs were written about the plight of those who were killed during war.

They also protested the hardships veterans were facing who returned from these conflicts. 

The music of today is so much more technologically advanced

with the advent of smartphones, computers, wireless headphones and earbuds.

This allows the ability to listen to music in a much broader manner.

Music can now be used to help cope and deal with the stress of conflict.

Soldiers use music in the same way most of us do.

Feelings of sadness, pain, stress, happiness, love and a need for comfort

are often found in the music we listen to. 

Current issues, such as Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Survivor Guilt, and others,

cause many to never be quite the same as they were before engaging in Conflict.

Research shows that soldiers who use music as a tool to stay in touch with family members,

and with the current world situations, tend to fare better that those who do not.


Regardless of the genre,

music has shown to play a major role in how wars have been won and lost. 

Having an opportunity to compare the music of specific conflicts

may help us all to better understand the correlation between music and conflict.